At Platinum Asset Protection we’ve taken CCTV to the next level. Our Market Leading analytic CCTV systems provide an enhanced level of CCTV unlike no other; recording images of your property or land, and automatically detect suspicious activity on both a temporary or permanent basis depending on your requirements.

The market leading analytic detection and tracking software we use is capable of differentiating between people, animals and vehicles. This technology has exceptional detection capabilities which vastly reduces false alarm activations which in turn greatly assists our monitoring station with identifying any intrusion or risks. Our competitor’s systems mostly utilise PIR detection – this technology only informs the monitoring station of movement on site relying on the operator to inspect the screen and locate the cause themselves. 

Our market leading detection systems are “i-LIDS”certified, issued by the UK Governments Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure. The analytic software we install is also “Secured by Design”accredited and is used to protect UK Ministry of Defence and other governmental locations. 

 Cameras can also be mounted away from the tower base allowing us to monitor specific areas of interest more closely including scaffolding for anti-climb purposes, dig areas, traffic flow as well as providing time lapse footage for project presentations 

We provide our CCTV Towers with Advanced analytic detection to Construction, retail, Government facilities, Celebrities and High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI).


Video analytics transforms standard CCTV systems into intelligent and effective recognition and alert systems, which are now capable of recognising faces of people, vehicles, animals and suspicious activity. Our specialist enhanced analytic CCTV can detect and recognise different behaviours which alert security teams to trespassers within a particular marked zone.

Our high definition analytic CCTV systems provide next level close circuit security, offering HD cameras combined with an enhanced analytics detection process. At Platinum Asset Protection our rapid deployment CCTV Towers provide leading-edge technology never seen before.


Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) Camera

We have designed, tested and integrated the ability to implement a PTZ Camera to our Rapid Deployment CCTV Tower Systems. This gives a lot more flexibility and freedom to inspect different parts of a site in the cameras range.

Our Top of the Range PTZ Cameras provide:
- Viewing distances up to 100m in HD quality
- Incorporated Night Vision capability within the camera
- Zoom functionality to view the detail
- Almost 360° Viewing Capability
- Control the Camera via the Phone App for full PTZ access

Self Contained Power Options

For locations where delivering mains power is not an optionwe can provide methanol powered towers that are self contained and require no firther power inputs. The methanol units can store enough fuel to power the towers for 3-4 weeks without having to re-fuel and is the ideal option for remote locations.

Our Self Powered Option Features:
- Self Contained units mean no additional power needed to the Tower
- Runs without re-fuelling for up to 4 weeks
- Works just like mains powered options

Public Address (PA) Speaker

We have incorporated a PA Address speaker onto our Towers to provide the ability of communicating directly with a site to address intruders or talk directly to people on a site where needed. The speaker can wither play an automated message or our Remote Monitoring Station can speak directly through the speak to address the site

Our PA Speaker Features:
- Conveniently integrated within the main tower unit, no need to locate elsewhere
- Up to 100dB Loudness ensures that the communication is clear and heard
- Remote monitoring station access or accessed directly via the Camera App.

Integrated Floodlighting System

High Powered Floodlights can be added to our towers to illuminate areas of working or to illuminate high risk areas as required. Each Floodlight has a High Powered 8000 lumen LED light that spreads the bean over a 120° angle. Multiple Floodlights can be added to a single tower to provide blanket coverage of an area plus we can also deploy the floodlights away from the tower to highlight areas of interest

Our Floodlights Features:
- 8000 Lumen brightness per floodlight
- Integrated or external deployment available

Master Blaster / Air Horn Alarm

We can add either a Master Blaster or Air Horn combination as an added alert system to scare off intruders ot animals on site. The loud noise can sound up to 100dB and is a very effective alarm to alert unwelcome visitors on a site.

Our Alarms Feature:
- Either Master Blaster or Air Horn system
- Integrated onto tower or located elsewhere if required


Let your business benefit from an intelligent CCTV system offering round-the-clock monitoring and surveillance.



Integrated, rapid deployment CCTV system

HD Camera with up to 67m range

Analytics Software

Digital video recorder – 30 days

Monitor Health & Safety on site

Audio challenge facility

Multiple anti-tamper mechanisms

Extendable mast up to 6.5m

Long battery life available

Fully accredited Remote Video Response Centre

24/7 Remote access to cameras via APP

Monitoring station provides 24/7/365 operational response

4G connectivity to Monitoring station

Significant cost saving against manned guards

A reduction in theft from sites

Increase in productivity

A useful audit trail for issues on site

Protection against children and vandals accessing site

Monitoring by our control station is included in the weekly rental

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