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We as a country are now just taking our first baby steps into “the new normal” as the

impact of COVID-19 has hit virtually every sector of our daily lives. One thing that

has been made clear over the past week or so is the need to try and get businesses

back up and running. With this in mind it is vital that everyone plays their role in

minimising the risk of transmitting and catching the virus

As part of our wide range of Protection products and services, we are now happy to

introduce to you our Body Thermal Temperature Cameras. These Cameras are ideal

for ensuring that one of the most common symptoms of COVID-19, a raised body

temperature, is identified at point of entry to a premises or site so that you can

restrict entry to people who may be showing symptoms.

The Cameras can be installed to a location of your choice and as someone stands in

front of it, it determines the body temperature from their face to ensure that there

are no signs of a raised temperatures that could be an indicator of an illness within

that person.

Should the Camera identify someone with a raised temperature, it will sound an

alarm and visually flash to alert that it has detected an abnormal temperature. With

this immediate alert you are ale to implement procedures within your business or

site to isolate the person to a separate area and perform a secondary test and find

out about any symptoms they may have been having.

From there you can make a more informed decision as to whether that person

should be at work or whether they should be self Isolating until the symptoms have



We can provide a full range of bespoke options to suit any need whether it be a single site installation or a multi site roll out. See below for the features for weach of our range.


All of our products are suitable to use as a preliminary screening option. We can also perform a FREE, NO OBLIGATION survey to identify the best product to suit your needs alongside the best options to flow your foot traffic for maximum safety and efficiency.



We provide flexible weekly rental agreements for temporary utilisation and offer full purchasing options to provide a more long term solution to your needs. During installation we will provide full training to your Team Members to ensure that you utilise the full benefits of the product.


We can provide options from a single site to a full national rollout and can provide bespoke options to suit any need.

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