Access Control


At Platinum Asset Protection we understand the need for property security whilst still being accessible to the people that require it. Our fully installed and maintained access control solutions are ideal for this. Numerous options are available for authentication including keyring (fob) entry, face detection, pin code entry and keycard entry. We can also install monitored access control systems that can identify who and when entry was made, notification of unauthorised attempts and forced door alarms for extra peace of mind.

Along side this, the systems can be set to give full access, specific area access and even timed access based upon your specific needs.

Entry Options

Keyring (Fob) Entry

With Keyring or Fob entry, access is given by holding the fob to the access control point. A Secure passcode is read by the system from the fob and access is granted or denied based upon set parameters and rules. A physical fob must be presented to the system in order for access to be granted.

Keycode (Pin) Entry

This is one of the most common access control types where either a general or unique pin is entered into the keypad on the system and access will be granted if allowed. No physical equipment is needed to be presented to the device to gain entry, as the end user is only required to remember their code to access the property

Keycard Entry

Keycard Entry works in a very similar way to a fob entry system however this is usually used in the form of a company ID Card with a chip built inside that sends the secure passcode to the access control system to gain entry

Fingerprint Access

Biometric Access Systems work by presenting a fingerprint to the control unit and will grant or deny access based upon the recognition of the users unique fingerprint as identification. This option can also be incorporated with other access methods for multiple means of identification.

Face Detection

Face Detection Access Control Systems are one of the latest innovations on the market. Once programmed, these systems work by identifying a number of facial areas on a person’s face to confirm that it is someone who is authorised to access the building and will allow or restrict access based on the set parameters and rules. These can also be backed up with a second layer of security such as a pin or ID Card for extra security.

Additional Options can be included in this next-generation access, including Temperature Screening for Fever Symptoms for COVID-19, Face Mask Detection, and Duress Detection Options.

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