High Net Worth Security


At Platinum Asset Protection we specialise in discretion. We offer a range of products to ensure the security, safety and peace of mind surrounding High Net Worth Properties and Individuals including CEO’s, Well Known People, High Profile Properties and the Assets surrounding these.

We can offer specialist Bespoke Solutions to Taylor to any need in protecting what is most valuable – all whilst ensuring strict privacy and discretion is maintained throughout the whole process. Below is just a small selection of what we can offer to our customers however if there any specific needs that have not been mentioned below, we will always ensure that we can deliver  whatever is necessary at the right timescales to suit you to your client.

Bespoke High Net Worth Security Systems

We can offer a wide range of Bespoke Security Solutions to suit any need. Including Top of the Range Camera Systems 

Top of the Range CCTV Systems

We can offer a virtually unlimited number of Top of the Range Cameras connected Seamlessly to a Central Server, with multiple live view locations within a property, remotely, and even via a mobile device. All these systems can seamlessly link together and be remotely monitored within a Control Room or ARC of your choice plus we can also provide options for Monitoring too. Not forgetting all of these options can be enabled with our Advanced Analytic Detection Systems.

Access Control Solutions

We can provide a fully equipped Access Control Solution to suit any need. Multiple options are available including Pin Entry, Fob Entry, Face Detection Entry, ANPR (Number Plate) Entry Systems, Timed Restrictions on Access and Full Access Control and Monitoring. We can also add to existing Access Control Systems to maintain and upgrade existing equipment where needed.

Intruder and Panic Alarm Systems

We can provide a full bespoke range of Intruder Alarm Systems including Panic Alarms that can fully protect a property and the people inside against any potential threats that may arise. All Alarm Systems can be connected to a Remote Alarm Monitoring Station and can provide immediate Police Response in situations where it is required

Vehicle Tracking Security

We can provide Bespoke Solutions to ensure your vehicles are tracked and monitored wherever they are in the world. Our options provide full worldwide coverage of protection and tracking of your vehicle location and are ideal not only for tracking a stolen vehicle, but also for identifying a location should something more sinister occur.

Manned Guarding / Personal Security / Security Drivers

We can provide a complete solution for any needs in terms of physical guarding alongside or stand-alone from any other of our services. We can offer a full Manned Security offering including Security Patrol Guards on site at a residence or property, Personal Close-Security “Body Guards”, Proffessional Personal Security Drivers plus lots more. We will meet any specific need you have with regards to Manned Security

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