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We provide our Fixed CCTV Systems with the same level of advanced security as we do with our Towers. We use Market Leading Analytic Detection Systems to keep your property or premises protected at the times that suit you and can link all equipment to a Remote Monitoring Station for fast action against any intruders or suspicious behaviour.

We can provide however many Fixed Position Cameras to suit what your needs are, from a single camera to virtually unlimited number of cameras over a wide ranging area. We can also provide local monitoring options for live view on site, remotely in a head office and even on a mobile application.

Alongside this, all of our other options are available in terms of audio PA alerting, sirens and alarms and even power options for more remote locations. We can also provide motion triggered floodlighting to illuminate an area when significant motion is detected in the area.

Take a look at our options below and if there is something extra that you don’t see, we will always strive to ensure we can provide any bespoke needs you or your client may have.


We equip our CCTV equipment with some of the latest cameras on the market,. With varying different options available to suit every need available.

We can attach a virtually unlimited number of cameras to a fixed CCTV system. The most typical cameras used are below but we will always strive to deliver any bespoke requests::

Standard Range Cameras

Our standard range cameras have an operating distance of up to 50m by default. This is usually more than sufficient for the majority of installations to protect a site. 

All cameras are fitted with Infra Red lights to enable night vision capability and all record with a time and date stamp for evidential purposes

Long Range Cameras

Our Long Range Cameras provide extended coverage over longer distances with a range of up to 80m as standard, 

These cameras are ideal in situations where there is a lot of distance to watch or if there is a specific target area that is at a distance from the mounting point of the camera that is required to be monitored. These cameras also have Infra Red lights to provide better vision at night time.

Thermal Cameras

Thermal Cameras are a specialist type camera that use Thermal Imaging Sensors to give an image of the area in view. The cameras can identify differences in temperature and will visually highlight warmer objects, for example people, animals and vehicles.

This gives our thermal cameras an exceptionally long range of up to 200m.

Pan / Tilt / Zoom (PTZ) Cameras

PTZ Cameras are unique in the sense that they are not in a fixed position and can be moved to what position is required to target a specific area, or provide an overview of a full site.

The Pan Tilt Zoom functionality gives a continuous 360° Pan and a full 180° tilt and up to 25x Zoom as standard.Powerful Infra Red Lights provide good vision at night time

Timelapse Cameras

Upon request we can supply a Timelapse camera to record your projects from start to finish and this can be implemented within a fixed system as an extra added benefit. Timelapse takes periodic photos of a defined area over a period of time and when these are put together to make a video it is a great tool to showcase your work from start to end.

Audio Alerts

Alongside the visual capabilities of our fixed systems, we have developed audio enhancements to provide alerts r when suspicious activity is detected. These are mainly used to deter potential intruders and to alert the site to a potential threat. These can also be used to provide updates as a Public Broadcast or to alert for specific times upon request. Here are the services that can be provided:

Public Address (PA) Speakers

We can provide a PA Address speaker as standard on fixed CCTV systems as well as towers. This provides the extra functionality to be able to broadcast an alert message or talk at the site directly from wherever you are using the dedicated Mobile Apps. For fixed systems these can come in a number of different styles and colurs to blend in with the surrounding environment if required. 

This also can be used by Remote Monitoring Stations to sound an alert when an intruder or suspicious activity is detected or can be programmed to automatically sound a pre-recorded alert upon detection.

Air Horn Alarm

By special request we can install air horns to the system that sound a very loud air horn blast from the tower to alert people and to scare off potential intruders.

The air horns release a 135dB sound  as an alarm to alert people to a potential risk or to scare of intruders and, in turn, provide extra valuable protection to your people or property

Master Blaster Alarm

By special request we can install a Master Blaster to your system that sound a very loud alarm blast from the system to alert people and to scare off potential intruders.

The Master Blaster release a 100dB sound  as an alarm to alert people to a potential risk or to scare of intruders and, in turn, provide extra valuable protection to your people or property

PA Speaker Example

Air Horn Example

Master Blaster Example


Integrated Floodlighting System

High Powered Floodlights can be added to our Fixed Systems to illuminate areas of working or to illuminate high risk areas as required. Each Floodlight has a High Powered 8000 lumen LED light that spreads the bean over a 120° angle. Multiple Floodlights can be added to a single system to provide blanket coverage of an area plus we can also set these to only trigger during evening hours and apply a timed activation upon detection of movement on a camera

Power Options

At Platinum Asset Protection we understand the varied needs of different sites in terms of power solutions. That is why we have developed a range of options to suit any sites power need for our equipment to provide protection

Mains / Generator Powered Options

The mains or generator powered option is what we provide as standard. For this power option a power source needs to be provided from site, whether it is a 110v or 240v Mains Supply or via a Generator. There are specific benefits (i.e. constant power on mains supply) We also supply “off-grid” options for more remote locations as below

Solar Powered Towers

Our newly developed Solar Powered  option provides sufficient power for a standard fixed system to run completely stand alone in areas where the sun can be visible. Even for areas where usually the panels would not be in an ideal location we can run them away from the main hub to a place where the optimum amount of sunlight can be captured to generate the power required for operation. 

Methanol Powered Towers

For locations where delivering mains power is not an option we can provide methanol powered solutions that are self contained and require no further power inputs. The methanol units can store enough fuel to power systems for 3-4 weeks without having to re-fuel and is the ideal option for remote locations with limited sunlight

Advanced Analytic Detection

All of our towers and fixed systems come with advanced analytic detection with top of the range technology. We have a dedicated page all about our detection systems. Please click below to see our information

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