A Decade of Dedication and a New Chapter of Support

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Our History

For over ten years, our businesses have been a proud supporter of Candlelighters, a charity dedicated to fighting children’s cancer. As we continue our commitment to making a positive impact, we are thrilled to announce our support for another remarkable charity from 2024, the Pontefract Community Kitchen. Our journey with these charities reflects our deep-rooted belief in giving back to the community and supporting those in need.

Candlelighters Over a Decade of Support

Since 2014, we have been involved with Candlelighters. To kickstart 2024 a total of £7,860.00 by Frontline SecurityUK Care & Platinum Asset Protection. Chris Salt (Philanthropy and Relationship Manager) from the Candlelighters team explained to us how our donation will make a difference:

“To give you an idea, your gift is enough to fund all children’s talking therapy sessions for patients and siblings for 5 months of the year giving them access to a safe space to talk through their thoughts, feelings and emotions.”

Candlelighters, established in 1976, has been a beacon of hope for families dealing with childhood cancer in Yorkshire. They provide comprehensive support, including emotional, practical, and financial assistance. From funding research and education to offering a family support centre called The Square near Leeds Children’s Hospital, their work has been instrumental in bringing light to families during their darkest times.

Pontefract Community Kitchen: A New Venture in Giving

In 2024, we begin our journey supporting the Pontefract Community Kitchen, a charity that has been pivotal in addressing homelessness and vulnerability in Pontefract and the surrounding areas. Our Team of Directors went to meet the Charity and see the operation to understand what impact could be made and explore other avenues support. Following that meeting an initial donation of £7,860.00 has been made. We are aiding their efforts to provide hot meals, clothing, and essential support to those in dire need. Run by a dedicated group of volunteers, the Pontefract Community Kitchen operates primarily through community donations and serves as a crucial lifeline for many. We are looking forward to starting our Journey with Pontefract Community Kitchen in 2024 and beyond!

Our Approach to Making a Difference

Our support for these charities goes beyond financial donations. We believe in a holistic approach to philanthropy, where our efforts create substantial and meaningful changes in the lives of those these charities serve. Our business is committed to bringing about positive changes through structured fundraising plans and hands-on support.

2024 Fundraising Plan & Support

For 2024, we’ve laid out a comprehensive fundraising plan. This plan involves engaging our employees in fundraising events, direct contributions, and active volunteering roles. We are not just sponsors but active participants in the missions of these charities.

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Our Continued Commitment

Our long-standing relationship with Candlelighters and our new commitment to Pontefract Community Kitchen represent our dedication to making a real impact. It’s about more than just donations; it’s about being a part of something greater, a force for good in the community. We are excited to share our journey and the stories of how these charities continue to transform lives, and we invite you to join us in this meaningful endeavour.

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