BID Funded CCTV – SafetyNet Radio

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The Hammersmith BID SafetyNet radio system plays a pivotal role in crime reduction across the town centre and provides our business community and visitors to the area with an enhanced level of safety and security. This fast time link between our numerous shops, pubs and corporate premises directly to the LBHF CCTV network and Metropolitan Police ensures that our businesses are fully supported in the event of any crime and antisocial related issues.


Covid-19 and the residual impact on our rapidly changing High Street has brought some unique challenges to the BID funded CCTV operator over the past few months. By continuing to monitor the radio and CCTV network on a daily basis, he has been keeping our streets safe by Keeping a watchful eye over all businesses and vacant premises during lockdown. Covering our corporate security teams on their daily and nightly patrols.


Supporting our retail sector as they adjust to the challenges posed by queuing protocols and social distancing requirements. Providing our licensed premises and hospitality industry with dedicated CCTV coverage as they resume trade.


Working in partnership with the Metropolitan Police and LBHF community safety team. Instantly alerting local police of issues reported via the SafetyNet radio.


Supporting police officers with live footage as they act on fast-time incidents and intelligence. Assisting in the identification, apprehension, evidence gathering and successful prosecution of offenders involved in criminality.


Enhancing public safety and delivering community reassurance. Existing radio users are actively encouraged to ‘book on’ to the network and conduct radio checks throughout the day. This will ensure your radio is working correctly and will enable other users to hear who is ‘on watch’ at a given time.


Its nice to see non-profit organisations helping out the community and right now CCTV systems are hugely important. Hundreds of our clients rely on the high quality systems we use for their day to day needs. CCTV is the new normal now and we embrace the change massively.


We can offer a virtually unlimited number of Top of the Range Cameras connected Seamlessly to a Central Server, with multiple live view locations within a property, remotely, and even via a mobile device.


All these systems can seamlessly link together and be remotely monitored within a Control Room or ARC of your choice plus we can also provide options for Monitoring too. Not forgetting all of these options can be enabled with our Advanced Analytic Detection Systems.


Contact us today for a FREE no obligation survey and quotation.


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