CCTV catches welly wearing vandal damaging businesses in Hawes

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The below article is taken from Richmondshire Today and can be found here

CCTV cameras have caught a welly wearing vandal in the act of damaging businesses in Hawes.

The Chippie and Penny Garth Cafe were both targeted in the early hours of Friday morning.

As well as squirting sealant into locks and letterboxes, the vandal scrawled obscenities on the businesses’ doorsteps.

A CCTV camera at the Penny Garth captures the person, who appeared to be wearing welly boots and a thick coat, casually walking across the street between the two shops.

They spend around ten minutes causing the damage.

As well as targeting the doors, they also move traffic cones on to a bench and squirt the sealant onto the seat.

Both businesses are popular with visitors to the town, including motorcyclists which visit the town in large numbers during the summer.

The Penny Garth said in a post on Facebook: “Whoever did the damage to our business property and also the Chippie early this morning could have at least let us know what they hate about these two businesses.

“Is it the fact that they serve motorcyclists or is it the fact that the owners are foreigners, maybe you just don’t like our food or prices?

“Do you really hate us so much that you sneak around at 3am to do criminal damage and try to disrupt businesses?”

Penny Garth owner Christian Westen said the incident had been reported to police, although no real damage had been done.

He said: “It’s more of a nuisance than anything else.”

The cafe owner added that they believed it was just one person who was responsible and they had received great support from the wider community.

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