Coronavirus: Thieves force foodbank to shut down after stealing £500 worth of supplies

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A foodbank has been forced to shut down after callous thieves broke in and stole £500 worth of supplies amid coronavirus hysteria.

Raiders gained entry to a storage container in West Yorkshire and made off with essentials including sanitary towels and toilet rolls.

Meanwhile a number of foodbanks around the country have reported people stealing from supermarket donation points.

One volunteer pleaded for people to stop “stealing food from vulnerable people’s mouths” and MP Yvette Cooper described the thefts as “appalling”.

The shocking scenes come as more and more people need to access to foodbanks, at a time when donations are expected to drop.

Janet Burns said the centre she manages, Knottingley Foodbank, was robbed at 6pm on Wednesday.

Police have confirmed they are investigating the crime, thought to be carried out by four men, and are looking at CCTV from the area.

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