Drivers risking £1,000 fines and 6 points when ordering from McDonald’s drive thrus

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Ordering food on your phone while in the queue for McDonald’s can result in a maximum fine of £1,000 and 6 points on your licence.

That’s because – even though you’re on private land and at a halt – you could be breaching rules on using a handset while driving.

And with hungry Brits queueing in their thousands at newly reopened McDonald’s drive-thrus across the UK, many have been encouraged to place orders using the chain’s phone app to speed things up.

But doing so could prove an expensive mistake.

Worse, if there’s an accident – say the person behind you in the queue bumping into to you – and the CCTV is looked at you’re definitely in trouble.

The easy way to avoid this is to make sure you don’t order or pay by phone when queueing for a drive-thu, or get a passenger to do it for you.

If you only discover you’ve left your wallet at home after you’ve collected the food, and need to use your phone to pay, you might also be OK if you make sure you pull to the side and turn off your engine.

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