Futureproofing CCTV on coaches and buses

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The below article was taken from The Route One Website, original article found here

As an industry that is committed to passenger safety and comfort, coach and bus surveillance technology requirements have evolved dramatically.

A key consideration for operators should be in changes in the technology environment which require flexible and scalable solutions. By installing a hybrid digital video recorder (DVR), such as Synectics’ T1600, operators can gradually and cost-effectively make the move from analogue to IP, without the need to sacrifice existing CCTV systems.

Flexible solutions using high definition (HD) IP cameras capture a wider field of vision and can record footage at up to 1080p – a much higher quality, saving operators money in fines and compensation, whilst providing an unbeatable training tool.

Adopting an integrated management platform such as Synergy 3, not only enables operators to monitor and review video footage, telematics and CANBus data, but it also gives them a new level of flexibility and technical capability of transitioning into IP – as and when budget and need dictate.

We provide our Fixed CCTV Systems with the same level of advanced security as we do with our Towers. We use Market Leading Analytic Detection Systems to keep your property or premises protected at the times that suit you and can link all equipment to a Remote Monitoring Station for fast action against any intruders or suspicious behaviour.

We can provide however many Fixed Position Cameras to suit what your needs are, from a single camera to virtually unlimited number of cameras over a wide ranging area. We can also provide local monitoring options for live view on site, remotely in a head office and even on a mobile application.

Alongside this, all of our other options are available in terms of audio PA alerting, sirens and alarms and even power options for more remote locations. We can also provide motion triggered floodlighting to illuminate an area when significant motion is detected in the area.

Contact us today to find out how we can improve and protect your business.

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