How Drones Will Change Your Business

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Drones can not only help you improve your business and take it to a higher level, but can also help you cut down on costs and make it much safer.


How? Well, for starters, you won’t have people hanging from buildings, rooftops or industrial chimneys, you will use a drone to inspect all that. You will cut down on climbing equipment that is unbelievably expensive, and you will be able to take more jobs because a drone will get the job done much faster than a man.


You just need to recruit a specialist Drone Services company who can handle all of the leg work for you. Professional Drone Service suppliers will survey the area, ensure that all the safety measures are in place and checking the flight areas and will provide high quality imagery or footage of the specific objects or area you are wanting capturing. There are countless ways that Drone Services aid a business and, in turn, give a more professional and reliable image of your business


For example, If you own a Estate agency business, then you know that nothing sells a property better than a nicely packed video. A picture says more than thousand words, right? Well, in this case, drones with high quality cameras and nice features that allow you to create movie-like aerial footage, are the perfect tool for this job.


If you are trying to sell a house on a coastline or beach, just imagine a slow zoom heading from the sea to the coast, with the house slowly becoming bigger as the drone approaches, then a couple of close-up shots of the house from the ground, then again from the air only this time the drone can circle around the house and show how beautiful the neighborhood is, then shots from inside the house, followed by a fly-by over the house.


Drones are also extremely useful when it comes to surveying. More and more land development and Construction Companies are saving time and money by surveying the land using a specialist drone service rather than painstakingly taking 100’s of photos at ground level and trying to get the lay of the land.


Platinum Asset Protection are excited to announce a whole range of new services will be coming July 2020 when we launch our Specialist Drone Services department within our business. Keep an eye out for the latest information on our webpage and through our Social Media Channels.


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