Man arrested after footage shows elderly woman dragged to ground in mugging

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A man has been arrested after video footage showed a woman in her 80s being dragged to the ground during a daylight mugging.

The incident, which took place in Sittingbourne, Kent, sparked a manhunt on Facebook after someone shared footage captured on a nearby CCTV camera.

In the recording, an elderly woman can be seen making her way across a road with her walking stick before a silver car pulls up opposite her.

A man gets out of the vehicle and walks briskly past the woman towards a shop, where he appears to peer through the window before suddenly walking back in the direction he came from.

The pair appear to have a brief exchange before the man snatches the victim’s bag, sending her flying to the ground.

This article goes to show how important CCTV is becoming within our Community and how Crimes like this would usually have nothing to investigate with.

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