Mum believes spirit of her dead daughter caught in eerie footage visiting graves

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The devastated mum of a two-year-old girl who died in 2018 believes her spirit has been captured in video footage from the graveyard where she’s buried.

Saundra Gonzales noticed items were vanishing from toddler Faviola Rodriguez’s grave, and was stunned when she saw CCTV.

She is convinced that a little girl seen walking around the cemetery in Las Cruce, New Mexico, in the US, is Faviola.

She was shown the clip by another family who also found items were disappearing from the grave of their son.

As soon as she saw it, Saundra was in no doubt that her daughter’s spirit was at large, WOAI reports.

She believes that the clip shows her daughter leading the other family’s son to heaven.

The images were captured by a camera hidden on a nearby gravestone.

After seeing the little girl in the video, the family contacted the cemetery owners because they were worried about a lost child.

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