Private CCTV must comply with data protection laws

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Anyone with private CCTV cameras on their property is being reminded to ensure their system complied with Data Protection laws.


Information Commissioner Anne King said such systems could be very intrusive on people’s privacy, there were various laws governing how they should be used, and they should only be installed as a last resort.


She said that an increasing number of people had contacted her office recently, asking about the implications of setting up a network on their property.


Mrs King said if a network captured images from outside the owner’s home – for example, a neighbouring property or public areas – then people had to comply with regulations.


One of them says owners must have clear signs explaining why they are filming, and their contact details.


At Platinum Asset Protection we provide our Fixed CCTV Systems with the same level of advanced security as we do with our Towers. We use Market Leading Analytic Detection Systems to keep your property or premises protected at the times that suit you and can link all equipment to a Remote Monitoring Station for fast action against any intruders or suspicious behaviour. We can also provide full signage and other specialist advice to ensure that you comply with any Data Protection / GDPR Regulations. 


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