Stranger approached Nora Quoirin in airport day before she vanished and was found dead

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A stranger approached London schoolgirl Nora Quoirin after her family arrived at Kuala Lumpur international airport, an inquest heard.

The next morning the 15-year-old was found missing from their holiday villa in a rainforest resort 60km away.

Nora’s naked body was discovered 10 days later after a massive police search.

An inquest heard on Thursday, how her dad Sebastien had left Nora and her two younger siblings unaccompanied for less than five minutes.

He had gone to meet their mum, Meabh, who had flown in separately from Singapore after a business trip.

The dad had arrived in Malaysia first on August 3, after flying from London with the children.

A female police officer told the inquest how the dad and children had waited at the airport for the mum to arrive.

When dad moved just 30 steps away to meet mum at the arrival gate, while Nora and her younger siblings, aged 12 and eight, were left alone briefly.

He kissed his wife when she walked out and they immediately returned to their three children.

In the meantime the three siblings standing alone were approached by an unknown male.

But the youngsters ignored his approaches as they had been warned “not to speak to strangers”.

Assistant Superintendent Chong Mee Chyi told how after Nora went missing a family friend had received anonymous WhatsApp messages, saying they had been followed from the airport and Nora was still alive.

Police seized CCTV footage from the airport to check to see if there had been any “criminal element”.

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