What Security do Construction Sites Need?

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Sites that are under construction, particularly when in a public area or an area easily accessible by the public, are tremendously vulnerable and dangerous places, rife in potential dangers. These dangers not only concern the damage to and stealing of contents within the construction site, but also include the risk of harm to intruders and the general public.

Extensive and effective security measures must therefore be installed throughout a construction site wherever it may be, safeguarding property and reducing the risk of potential harm to the public.

Whilst there are a multitude of different components involved in safeguarding a construction site, the absolute essentials of security required for a construction site can be summarised as:

  • Construction Site security guards
  • Construction site CCTV systems
  • Site hoarding
  • Construction site access control systems


With the large numbers of vehicles and people entering and exiting throughout the day in addition to its complete abandonment at night, every construction site is at high risk of intrusion, theft and vandalism.

Although frequently considered a luxury, security guards can help to hugely reduce and even eliminate the risk of thieves entering or vandalising the premises. Their prominent, often 24-hour visibility acts as not only a deterrent for potential intruders but also an excellent line of defence against those who are already within the premises unauthorised.



Using security guards from companies such as our sister company Frontline Security 24/7 can help to ensure the safety of your construction site, providing you with secure safeguarding qualities including:

  • Experienced, licensed professionals – All officers from Frontline Security are filtered through the BS 7858 as well as to DBS and SIA checks to ensure all security guards are trustworthy with their records clean. All members of security provided, will also come with all safety regulatory equipment, ensuring both the safety of its workers and the construction site they are assigned. In addition, all security guards supplied, are professionally managed with regular visits from our supervisors to ensure consistent and effective performance
  • Site Assessment – As no two construction sites are the same, security companies such as Frontline Security offer a detailed assessment of each individual site, recognising all relevant and potential risks and responsibilities unique to each site and managing all elements with the utmost precision and efficiency
  • Guard Dogs – Another element of security which tends to significantly increase the safekeeping of your construction site are guard dogs. They are proven to be a greatly effective deterrent against thieves and intruders entering the premises. Frontline Security offer NASDU certified handlers for all highly trained canine units, further strengthening the protection of each construction site the guard dogs are assigned to


In addition to security guards, both human and canine, another effective method to secure your construction site is via the installing of a good quality, up to date CCTV camera system, specifically designed for construction sites.

Platinum Asset Protection provides effective, quality CCTV equipment, including features such as:

  • Site-Specific Design  As each construction site is unique, it requires unique planning and instalment of such CCTV equipment to ensure the maximum quality and efficiency of any rented equipment. Platinum Asset Protection offers visits and analysis of site plans backed up by years of CCTV installation experience to provide each construction site with the best CCTV surveillance possible to ensure maximum security
  • Remote CCTV – Even with or without power being provided we can offer state of the art bespoke Market Leading systems providing up to 24-hour surveillance with Advanced Analytic Detection Systems which not only adds to the growing list of deterrents for thieves and intruders, but provides you with the best possible chances of identifying intruders and giving further peace of mind.

Although security of your construction site may seem a tedious task, it is a vital part of the construction process to ensure the safety of your site and furthermore the smooth running to your construction project.

Both Platinum Asset Protection and Frontline Security 24/7 can provide the solutions to any requirements you may have. Contact us today via our websites to find out more.

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