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A video was released on Yahoo! Movies yesterday showing CCTV footage of someone jumping over a locked fence of a school and stealing some cartons of milk.

Under normal circumstances this would be thought to be quite a petty crime of little significant value however over a period of four months around 1,000 cartons of milk have been stolen from this Primary School which totalled together amounts to a significant amount of money lost. Not only in the actual cartons stolen, but also in the money paid to replace these as they will be needed for the children.

As I saw this video it reinforced my belief that CCTV cameras on their own is not enough protection. In this day and age an added layer of security is needed to ensure that CCTV cameras are being used to actually prevent crime.

If this School had been protected by Platinum Asset Protection, not only would there be footage of the crime happening with High Definition Cameras, using the Davantis advanced Analytic Detection software and our PA system and siren integrations the intruder crossing over the fence would have been highlighted to our monitoring station. The monitoring station could have addressed the individuals over the PA system and raised a siren on site if needed. They also could have called the police to give the best opportunity to catch them in the act, potentially stopping future incidences of this happening.

Another alternative to this is employing a Security Guard to patrol the area through the night or get mobile patrols to keep an eye on things however these options are not cost effective compared to the amount stolen. 

It goes to show that in this day and age only having CCTV cameras without extra layers of protection alongside them is not enough to put off potential criminals in their activities.

Contact us today to see how we can add a layer of extra protection to your security whilst minimising costs to you

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